Main Concepts

Q: What are Tiers?

A Tier stands for how valuable/rare is a certain Creature, Card, Power, Artifact, Magistone or Rune. There are a total of 5 tiers:

  1. Normal
  2. Rare
  3. Unique
  4. Legendary
  5. Enigmatic


You will come across a shorter way we put the tiers, like “T1” stands for “Tier 1”.

Q: What are Bonds?

A Bond stands for how powerful (fully capable, fully unlocked) is a Creature. There are a total of 5 Bond grades, also knows as Classes: C, B, A, S, S+. The lowest Bond is C, the highest Bond is S+.

Q: What is "rarity"?

Rarity, also known as item Tier, is an indication how common a particular item is in Amazing Creatures universe.

Q: What are Epics?

Epics are ultra-rare Artifacts, Cards and Powers. There are also Epic Creatures, some of them you can Summon. Those are also ultra-rare to get. Artifacts, Powers, cards and Creatures of Tier 4+ are considered to be Epic.

Q: What is a Status?

A Status is a special condition that a Creature has. Statuses can be Temporary (will expire after some time has passed) and Permanent (will not expire). All Temporary Statuses expire. Some Permanent Statuses can’t be lifted.

Q: How many Statuses are there?

The basic Statuses are Sleep, Sadness, Fury, Sickness, Weakness, Supercharged, Death. There are others that you will discover as you play.

Q: How to play Status Roulette? [Pending]

[Pending] Status Roulette mini-game gets the last 3 Statuses you acquired and arranges them in a combination. It happens automatically whenever your Creature has at least 3 Statuses. Some Status combinations provide bonuses, and you will discover them as you play. For e.g. Fury, [Supercharged!], Sickness remove the Sickness status (i.e. a Creature is cured on its own).

Q: How to invite my friends?

Tap “Invite Friends” on the Main Menu screen. You will be given an option to look up your Referral Code. Send your Referral Code to your friends. They will need to enter “Invite Friends” screen, tap “Get Bonus” button and input your provided Referral Code there. Both sides get their rewards immediately.

Q: Why should I invite my friends?

You are rewarded with Shards and Ester. Your friends get smaller rewards too. Finally, it’s more fun to play together. It’s a win-win.

Q: What kind of rewards are there?

You get Ester, Shards, Cards, Artifacts, Magistones, Runes, Portals, Card Crystals and in some special cases you may even get yourself a Creature.

Ester and Shards

Q: What is Ester?

Ester is consumable “mana” or “magic energy” that Avatars use to complete certain actions involving Creatures and other Avatars. Think of Ester like it’s AP (Action Points)—the more you have, the more actions you can do. Once depleted, Ester recovers on its own.

Q: How can I get more Ester?

There are Artifacts and Powers that either decrease the time to recover Ester in full, or increase the total capacity of Ester that your Avatar can hold.

Q: What are Shards?

Shards are the remnants of The Rift and Amazing Creatures in-game currency. Think of it as “gold” or “coins” that you spend to purchase something.

Q: How can I get more Shards?

Looks for Treasures on the world map, Clash with other Avatars to loot their Shards if you manage to win, unlock Achievements (sometimes Shards are a part of the reward), invite friends and ask them to invite more people.


Q: Why Summon a Creature?

You Summon a Creature to use the Powers (you can’t use them on your own, as you are just an Avatar) and you Summon a Creature to get a Card to challenge others to a Clash Battle. There may be something else to summoning a Creature…

Q: How my Creatures affect me?

All of your Creatures share their Powers, Statuses and Affects with you.

Q: Is Summoning a Creature the only way to get one?

No. Sometimes the Avatars set their Creatures loose (or they simply ran away on their own), so just look for Wandering Creatures on the world map and Capture the ones you like.

Q: How to Summon a better Creature?

A summoned Creature Tier is determined by the Bond of Creatures that the Avatars use to Summon a new one. Stronger Creatures give you a higher chance to get a better new Creature.

Q: How to Summon Epic Creatures (Tier 4+)?

Both Avatars need a fully bonded Tier 3 Creatures. Both Avatars need to be full on of Luck and have very strong S.A.M.P.L.E. stats.

Q: What are Breeds and how many are there?

Breeds are the pre-defined combinations of Creatures that Summon a new one with a boosted chance. Special Creatures can only be summoned if you guess the right Breed. We can’t answer how many Breeds are there not to spoil the fun, and we can’t reveal the Breeds too. Luckily, you can find Breeds instructions treasured on the world map (but it’s also very rare to come across one).

Q: I don't want to summon a Creature now. What should I do?

If you don’t want to receive Summon requests from other Avatars, you could leave the world map or use The Cloak Artifact.

Q: I Captured a Creature and the next day it's gone!

Captured Creatures can run away or die just like the Creatures you’re playing with. Once you Capture a Creature, make sure you spend some time to Bond with it.

Q: I Summoned a Creature and the next day it's gone!

Summoned Creatures can run away or die just like the Creatures you’re playing with. Once you Summon a Creature, make sure you spend some time to bond with it.

Q: Why have more than one Creature?

There are a number of reasons why you would want to have multiple Creatures:

  1. You open yourself to a greater number of Powers.
  2. You open yourself to a greater number of positive Statuses and Affects.
  3. You have the option to Shapeshift a Creature into a Card at any time.
  4. You can Summon a new Creature with greater chances.
Q: How many Creatures can I hold?

You can hold as many Creatures as many Portals you have Breached.

Q: How many Portals can I Breach?

There is no limit on the number of Portals to Breach.

Q: How to get more space for my Creatures?

You can put your Creature to sleep, in this case it will temporarily free up its Portal and allow you to put a different Creature in. You can set your Creature loose and free up its Portal permanently.

Q: I see a tombstone. What's that?

A tombstone means your Creature has perished.

Q: Why Creatures die?

When you don’t have a Creature selected it becomes inactive. Inactive Creatures lose their Spirit, if they aren’t asleep.

Once a Creature is low on Spirit, it will notify you that something doesn’t feel right. If you don’t select your Creature shortly after that, you will have to face the consequences:

  1. Your Creature can run away from you.
  2. Your Creature can die.

Keep your Creature full on Spirit, Bond with it and it would neither run away nor die.

Q: What are the consequences of a Creature death?

A Creature’s death puts a heavy toll on an unlucky Avatar.

Q: What do I do if my Creature dies?

You can revive your Creature with a Philosopher’s Stone Artifact or you can use a Power with similar effect.

Q: How to set my Creature loose?

You should open the Creature’s Actions menu by tapping at your Creature. Then you tap the red button, if you indeed are willing to set your Creature loose.

Cards and Clash

Q: Where do I get Cards?

You can loot Cards via world map Treasures, you can Shapeshift a Creature into a Card, you can Trade Cards with other Avatars.

Q: Where can I get stronger Cards?

Stronger Cards can only be obtained via Shapeshifting a Creature into a Card or Trading Cards with other Avatars.

Q: What Clash rules are there?

Original, Chain Reaction, Runic Force, Reverse Runic Force.

Q: Are there any tactics to win Clash consistently?

Use strong cards, exploit opponent’s weaknesses, make it harder to predict your next move.

Q: Who are the Champions?

Every Avatar at the Clash Leaderboard is a Champion. You become a Champion and get listed at the Leaderboard the moment you get in your very first Clash Battle.

Q: How can I cancel a Clash Battle?

Tap a button at the top of Clash Battle screen. You will be asked, if you’d like to run away. You will then run away provided you are higher on Luck and S.A.M.P.L.E stats than your opponent.

Q: What happens if I run away (Clash)?

Your pride may suffer but that’s all.

Q: I don't want to get challenged to a Clash Battle. How to hide myself from others?

You can hide yourself with a special Artifact or a special Power.


Q: What can I do with my Powers?

Your Powers are in fact your Creature Powers. You can use the Powers available to your Avatar to alter game conditions, get positive boosts, increase chances to trigger certain events and more.


Q: What are Artifacts?

Artifacts are in fact divided into three sub-categories: Items (Artifacts), Magistones and Runes. The items can be used to get a boost or alter game conditions. Runes can be imbued into a Creature Card, and this is how a Card acquires a certain elemental status. Magistones can be fused into a Creature, and this is how a Creature acquires a certain Power.

Q: What are Epic Artifacts and how to find them?

Epic Artifacts are T4+ items, Magistones and Runes. Finding them is difficult, acquiring them is rare. With Luck and following in-game tips you’ll eventually manage to get some Epics.


Q: What are Runes and how to get them?

There are 4 Normal Elemental Runes: Terra, Air, Fire and Water. And there are 2 Epic Non-Elemental Runes: Holy and Darkness. You can get Runes at a world map in a Treasure chest, in an Achievement reward and after summoning a Creature (very low chance).

Q: How to get Epic Runes (Holy and Darkness)?

You will discover it as you play the game. Looks for the tips.

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