Clash Challenge (Clash Battle) is a mini-game that you can play with other Avatars and NPCs. All you need is a complete deck of Cards that has 5 Cards in it.

Once engaged in a Battle, you are always represented by Blue color. Your opponent is always Red. (Same applies to your adversary—you are Red for your opponent.)

The winner takes a Card from the opponent’s deck along with some Shards and valuables, given winner’s S.A.M.P.L.E. stats looks better than of the opponent.

Each Avatar can run away given their Luck and S.A.M.P.L.E. are high enough.


First, you need to make sure you have a complete 5-Cards deck, if you’d like to ambush another Avatar or an NPC.

There are lots of Cards at Amazing Creatures that you can obtain either via World Treasures or Shapeshifting a Creature.

Got your decks of Cards? Let’s talk about them Rules! Clash Rules are very easy to remember and provide lots of room for strategic play.

Higher Number Wins

When you place your Card on the board, it will “take” all adjusting Cards that have a lower number at the respective Card side. Taken Cards are then colored Blue, in your color.

A Card side number has a range—“1” stands for the low, “A” stands for the high. Remember, a higher number on just a single Card side can beat the whole Card, no matter how powerful its other sides are.

Chain Reaction

When you take your opponents Cards on the board, they in turn may take all adjusting Cards at their respective sides.

However, any Card taken at Chain Reaction will not take any more Cards. In other words, a Chain Reaction happens only once per turn.

Runic Force

If your Card is imbued with a Rune, you should look for a Clash board cell with a matching Rune.

When placed at a matching Runic cell, your Card gets a Power bonus. The bonus is not random.

Your Power bonus is temporary, it will be null and void once a Clash ends.

Fog Of War

The Avatars can cast Fog Of War upon each other. There are two tiers of Fog Of War: Shallow Smoke (Tier 1) and Dense Smoke (Tier 2).

Depending on what tier is the inflicted Fog Of War, you will pick the right Artifact or Power to fade it away from the battlefield.

Fog Of War is temporary. It fades itself away once a Clash ends.

Clash questions?

Send us an e-mail or ask in our Telegram group. We may also add your question to the FAQ (if it’s, indeed, a common one).

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