Amazing Creatures is a location-based open-world mobile MMORPG featuring virtual pets (Creatures), World Treasures, Quests, customize-able collectible Cards, player-vs-player encounters (Clash Battle) and player-vs-player cooperation (Summon, Trade and Auction).


Bonding with, Capturing and Summoning Creatures (virtual companion pets) are the main game features.

Creatures can be used to get Cards, hold and cast Powers, provide aid to the player via their traits and Statuses. They keep the game fun being a travel companion as well.


Cards are used to compose a Battle Deck and challenge other players to a card mini-game. Players can also choose to Dissolve a Card gaining a certain amount of Shards (half the Card value).

Cards can be looted via World Treasures, Captured (won) at Clash Battle from other players and acquired via Shapeshifting a Creature. The last option provides the chance to influence the Card Power.

Stronger Creatures Shapeshift into stronger Cards. Higher Bond Creatures may also unlock a Rune Slot, making a Card available to Imbue a Rune. Card Power and an imbued Rune affect Card’s value.


Creatures can have a maximum of three Power Slots, each available to Fuse a Magistone. Magistones are the representations of Elements, each Element representing a certain Power. A Fused Magistone unlocks a certain Power and binds it to a Creature.

Powers can affect a Creature, player and/or other players. Powers may cast a Status upon a Creature, producing Affects and Consequences. Some Statuses are Temporary, some are Permanent. Temporary Statuses lift all Affects off a Creature upon their expiration.

Powers can be active and passive. Active Powers grant a useful Affect right away (for e.g., see [Master Of Winds] Power), passive Powers grant a useful Affect until they expire (for e.g., see [Healer] Power).


Players can obtain Artifacts via looting World Treasures or Stealing from other players.

Artifacts provide aid to players by making something happen. There are also Key Artifacts that serve a different purpose.

Some Artifacts can also cast a Status upon player’s active Creature, or counter (remove) an existing Status.


Magistones (Magic Stones) are the representations of Nature Elements and Non-Elemental Entities.

Each Magistone is tied to a certain number of Powers. A Fused Magistone releases a random Power tied to it and grants it to a Creature.

Non-Elemental Magistones possess a very special trait…


An imbued Rune adds to a Card value and provides a bonus to Card Power when a Card is placed at a matching Runic Clash board cell. The Card Power bonus is not random.

Some Clash board cells can be imbued with a Rune right at the Clash Battle. Runic Cards and Runic Clash board open a whole new world of strategic opportunities.

Become the one who will change everything.

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